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MEDICHEM Diagnostica has more than 30 years experience in development and production of in-vitro-diagnostics.

MEDICHEM Diagnostica has been founded by Atou Khalide Lô in 1986. At that time it was a sole proprietorship. In 1998 his son Insa Lô joined the company as a partner, he finally became managing director in 2004.


First, the focus of business has been the development and production of clinical-chemical reagents. Our portfolio includes reagents for the determination of different parameters e. g. α-amylase, alkaline phosphatase, blood alcohol, total bilirubin DPD, cholesterol CHOD-PAP, CHE, creatinine PAP, CK, iron, total protein, glucose, etc

MEDICHEM Diagnostica produces for quantity buyer as well as for recognized distributor of diagnostics in Germany and abroad. They source MEDICHEM-reagents as OEM-goods and sell them under their own name.

Reference Materials

In 1989 MEDICHEM Diagnostica started a closer cooperation with forensic institutes and medical laboratories, aiming at the development of reference material in order to provide quality controls for toxicological and forensic analysis.

Soon MEDICHEM Diagnostica was asked to produce the controls for proficiency testing which were made in order to have an external quality control. These external quality controls are proceeded by well-known institutions for reference and professional associations and federal authorities in Germany and abroad. These include amongst others:

SFTA Société Française de Toxicologie Analytique
AFSAPS Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits de Santé
ASQUALAB Assurance de qualité des laboratoires d’analyses médicales
CSCQ  Centre Suisse de Contrôle de Qualité
DGKL  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Klinische Laboratoriumsmedizin
GTFCh Gesellschaft für Toxikologische und Forensische Chemie (international)

In 1995 MEDICHEM Diagnostica introduced the trademarks Medidrug® and Medisafe® into the market. These trademarks represent the reference materials by MEDICHEM Diagnostica. In clinical-chemical laboratories as well as in toxicological and forensic institutes the trademarks Medidrug® and Medisafe® are meanwhile known as independent reference materials which guarantee a quality control of the method of analysis. Furthermore these quality controls are independent of reagents and independent of equipment of certain producers.

Today the development and production of references represents a remarkable part of the business activities of MEDICHEM Diagnostica.

Our quality controls are produced in a close colllaboration with our clients working in toxicological and legal medicines laboratories in Germany and abroad and incluce the guidelines by associations like GTFCh (Society of Toxicological and Forensic Chemistry), SFTA (Société Française de Toxicologie Analytique), SoHT (Society of Hair Testing), EWDTS (European Workplace Drug Testing Society) or the German Medical Association.

Hair Reference Materials 

The number of analytical methods and tests substances continue to increase but quality control materials with reliable values and homogeneity are not available for the most part and often with concentration levels much higher than the cut-offs proposed by the international Society of Hair Testing (SoHT), the European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS) and others.

For that reason MEDICHEM started to develop new techniques for the preparation of hair reference materials, with special emphasis on preserving the structural integrity of hair avoiding any form of pulverization, which is important for method development and validation, internal quality control and proficiency tests.

Since 2012 MEDICHEMs hair reference materials with extremly uniform hair segments of 1 mm lenghts are available. First the authentic, incorporated and spiked hair controls for alcohol consumption markers, followed by the spiked hair controls for 47 drugs of abuse and drugs.

Our hair controls are available in different significant concentrations.


Our company is certificated according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015 and DIN EN ISO 13485 : 2016.

We will be happy to send you the certification upon request.