New matrix reference materials for toxicological and forensic hair testing

MEDICHEM’s aim is to set a new standard in manufacturing reference materials for hair analysis. After several years of development, our first authentic hair samples are available as reference material for internal quality control. The authentic hair fibres are non-destructively homogenized, i.e. without grinding, and thus without loss of their structural integrity. Thereto, the donor hairs have been cut using a special cutting method developed by MEDICHEM.
This unique method is characterized by the defined length of each hair: after cutting the hair fibres, equal segments of 1mm length do remain. This is of vital importance, because, like all solid mixtures, hair reference materials depend on size-based migration patterns, which lead to typical segregation particularly while processing and bottling a larger quantity.


The effect (well known from popcorn bags) is the more significant, the more the particles do differ from each other in their sizes: It leads to a concentration of smaller particles in the lower and larger particles in upper areas of the solid mixture. In order to prevent an inhomogeneity of this kind of reference material effectively, a closely spaced distribution of the particle size inside of a batch is crucial: This has been realized for the first time ever by the procedure, developed by MEDICHEM.

More detailed information can be found in our new flyer on hair reference materials.


  • New matrix reference materials for toxicological and forensic hair testing
  • Application of hair reference materials for quality control
  • Which kind of hair reference material provides the best control of the analytic process?
  • Characteristics of different hair reference materials and their application for quality control
  • Overview Medidrug® Hair Reference Materials