MEDICHEM has more than 30 years experience in the design and production of in-vitro-diagnostics.

Classic reference materials

MEDICHEM provides reference material for internal accuracy and precision testing for chemical-toxicological analysis. The product range is completed by calibrators and pure substances.

Precision testing focuses mainly on the longitudinal expansion of the single control test within the quality control batch, i.e. a specific concentration range next to legal or generally applicable boundary values.

Accuracy testing materials are additionally used to review the compliance level of the individual measurement result with the real value of the indicator. The compliance level has to be evaluated trustworthy by a minimum of representative testings with validated, mostly internal standardised and evident methods.

Target values determined by gravimetric analysis are verified by independent, accredited forensic laboratories. These analyses are performed by GC/MS and LC/MS(-MS) according to the guideline of the GTFCh (Society of Toxicological and Forensic Chemistry).

Hair reference materials

MEDICHEM is the first company worldwide to offer cut hair reference materials which are homogenized by a unique process (realization of exact cutting length of each hair fibre of 1 mm).

These hair samples allow a more realistic monitoring of hair analysis in the daily routine than it is possible with powdered samples.


Reagents are offered by MEDICHEM for more than 30 years.

MEDICHEM Diagnostica produces for quantity buyer as well as for recognized distributor of diagnostics in Germany and abroad. They source MEDICHEM-reagents as OEM-goods and sell them under their own name.

Built to order

International professional societies and government agencies rely on MEDICHEM when it comes to the production of samples for proficiency testing and specific applications.

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