Reference Materials

Toxicological and Clinical Chemistry

Alcohol abuse icon

Alcohol + Consumption Markers

  • Alcohol Consumption Marker

    Ethanol + Alcohols

    Congener Alcohol

    Matrices: Hair (authentic, spiked), Serum, Urine, Whole Blood, Water

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Drugs of Abuse

  • Drugs of Abuse


    Chemical-toxicological analysis

    Workplace Drug Testing

    Spiked Hair Controls

    Matrices: Hair (spiked), Serum, Urine, Whole Blood

Icon for other analytes


  • TABD


    Matrices: Serum


  • Matrices: Serum, Urine

Blank Matrices

  • Matrices: Hair (authentic), Serum, Urine, Whole Blood

Opioid Substitution Drugs

  • Matrices: Serum, Urine, Whole Blood